Case History
Hardware and software design for testing systems

Characterization of an angular sensor

This is a system able to carry out an angular movement programmed in position, speed and max torque to acquire return electrical signals related to the applied and quantified mechanical values.

The system result is a series of mathematical analysis and calculations that prove the correspondence between the examined part and testing specifications.

Devices like this are used in quality test rooms or in specific automatic stations in a production line.

Testing a Desmosedici GP7 accelerator

This is a mechatronic system composed by: analogical tools, signal conditioning, digital acquisition cards, mechanical tools and database which has been realised for an Italian company that is leader in the automotive field.

It is thanks to this equipment that the study first and the first prototypes of an electrical accelerator then were born, which Ducati Corse used and that enabled Stoner to win the Moto GP world cup in 2007.

Elaboration signal software

This is an application for the elaboration of electromechanical signals acquired through the mechanical strain of a DUT. In this case, we are talking of the return analysis of a pressure trasducer which we had applied a depression ramp to, controlling a proportional regulator connected with a vacuum pump.