Case History

Drinking water distribution system

We designed and produced a monitoring network for drinking water distribution for a public water supply system. This started from the detection of springs on the hill Serra in Ivrea and analysed water flows until the treatment and accumulation centre and the distribution of water to the citizens. We obtained the first results after a month only when we could find an abnormal static flow. Monitoring the minimal night consumption and associating it with some statistical data from other systems, we could detect an important historical flaw which caused a waste of water equal to 45% of the total amount of water put into the network which had happened for a long time.

Energy consumption analysis

We talk of a portable system provided with Grimmy Technology® to obtain the energy consumption profile of a single machine that has been thought for all those applications which require even a temporary measurement. It can be easily moved to other machines in other departments as no technical intervention is needed on the energy distribution system nor on the machines to analyse.
Its data can be directed onto Log-Energy® to carry out graphical analysis and comparisons or simply exported onto other check systems.

Industry 4.0

For MECS, we created in collaboration with AeC Soluzioni a network connecting
to the Cloud all CNC machines of the production department. Grimmy Technology® and JPiano® were this way in accordance with all Industry 4.0 requirements.

A synergy between the companies allowed us to develop a real time software communication system based on the MQTT protocol and standard REST interfaces where IT security and the protection of the data and information exchanged were granted.


In collaboration with Proxima Centauri, we carried out a project called Alcotra, Applus-Energie where we installed an electrical and environmental monitoring network in one of the most interesting building of Regione Valle d’Aosta: we are talking of the headquarters of lSITP in Verres. This network can measure the electrical consumption starting from a medium-voltage transformer cabinet to the single units in the teaching laboratories. It checks the temperature in the classrooms and in the main gallery providing data about the quality of the air and measuring the consumption of the conditioning system as well as that of UTA.

Polifemo project

This is a small network made up of 32 smart stations able to detect environmental data and take HD pictures for a real time updating of the multimedia contents of the website turismo della Valle d’Aosta.

For this project, we design and produce a complete hardware equipment for the station including the smart unit, the feeding system and communication network and we collaborated with SoftAlp Srl to realize the software and automation components.