An added value to industrial manufacturers and to service and energy companies
thanks to process technology solutions.

ROBSON is a company operating in the field of industrial automation, testing, communication nets and data analysis. We are going to support you offering the right technological solutions to satisfy your specific requirements.

Society business is structured in three levels and concentrates on three strategic areas. Each of them has coherent goals according to the corresponding company mission: design and production of testing systems, IOT technology application to the industrial sector, scientific research and innovative development of products and processes.

Testing devices and software for production lines and quality check rooms

Preparatory work

During the analysis step, we work side by side with our customer. Through this phase, we can detect problems and define operating procedures, examine supply and test specifications of those devices that are being tested till we can identify the best solution to implement.


It involves the selection of the best tools to use for the generation and acquisition of signals, design of conditioning electronics and hardware interfaces. It also includes the study and design of mechanical groups for DUT manipulation and stress.


According to the customer’s testing procedures, we develop a software to measure and test thanks to our experience as system administrators and engineers which is also our added value. We design human-machine interfaces and data presenting models.

“Turnkey” system supply

Starting from the analysis of functional features and testing specifications, we design and produce electromechanical items according to the customer’s specific requirement.

The whole electronical work to create the control profile of actuators and to acquire and condition system signals is contained in a unique hardware rack, a “standard 19′′, provided with ethernet or USB interfaces for an easy integration on the machine.

We deal with the creation of the complete mechatronic system including the development of software applications, the assembly of the parts and the installation on the machine or in the test laboratory. If required, we also offer storage solutions to track down data on the company database.

Grimmy Technology® is an innovative IoT solution which enables real things and places to interact with the surrounding reality transferring data and information through the net.

This technology is made up of a hardware and software gateway in Cloud that allows you to connect machines and production plants to advanced management systems such as MES and ERP as well as to any other third part management solutions.

Our goal is that of offering a technological tool with a standard software interface and simple graphical layouts to developers of management applications who need a virtualization of the machines along with that of the production department.

Programming codes are realized completely in-house. This enables us to create customized systems that can perfectly meet our customers’ requirements.

Context and technological trend

Smart Manufacturing

We are facing the fourth industrial revolution. That is the use of different digital technologies at the same time which are able to increase interconnection and cooperation of resources (physical assets, people and information) used in working processes both in the factory as well as distributed along the value chain.

Internet of Things

Everything we use in our daily routine can become smart and able to autoidentify, localize, analyse a state, acquire data and elaborate, carry out and connect using standard communication protocols.

Big Data & Analytics

Data leading and interpreting is now a priority not only to improve processes, but also to develop new products and services, to exploit the opportunities coming from the monetization of data.

Hardware gateway

They measure predefined variables normalizing the samples acquired and granting its buffering if connection is not available. They are able to elaborate simple logic of calculation to lead outputs autonomously and spread more complex decisions originated by the Cloud.


The cloud is the connector that allows the exchange of information and data between hardware knots and applications. On the Cloud, logics of normalization and routing operate along with the elaboration of vitual channels.


Data analysis is necessary to support the optimization process, as a result it is clear which actions are required to improve the performance of a plant.


The big amount of contents is to be used according to specific axes of interest and every kind of user can find intuitively and without any difficulties the information he needs.
A wide range of API/REST interfaces for an easy creation of mobile interfaces.

Sectors of application

  • Drinking water springs and accumulation tanks
  • Production plants from renewable sources
  • Checking the distribution network
  • Energy resources consumption 
  • CNC machine control
  • Plant and production line control
  • Quality monitoring of the work environment
  • Connection to ERP and MES managing systems 
  • Remote management of automated
  • Automation of agricultural and livestock installations
  • Cleaning equipment and waste disposal
  • Physical-environmental parameters in the field of nature
  • Remote management of distributed machinery


Log-Energy is an example of application you can create through Grimmy technology

That is a verticalization for electrical supply systems which use renewable sources and is designed to be used with Grimmy Technology. Thanks to it, thousands of inverters can be efficiently managed.

Operational dashboards can show the state of the systems as well as that of their components in an orderly way and enabling them to interact with devices involved.

Responsive interfaces able to adjust themselves according to the device can fill in intervention reports to inform about the good result of an intervention over the time.

ROBSON deals with scientific research and in-house designing for an innovative development of processes and products in the manufacturing, environmental and energy field. In this strategical sector, collaboration with the other companies of Hub22 Mechatronics network plays a key role as well as that with other innovative small and medium size businesses and startups.